Delores Corbett serves with her husband Pastor James D. Corbett at Community Christian Church. Sister Corbett is actively involved in the ministerial functions of the church such as teaching, preaching and counseling. She oversees the music ministry, conducts praise and worship and teaches a monthly women fellowship. Along with her husband, she also teaches singles fellowship.

Sister Corbett has a special and unique ministry in the area of mentoring women and teaching them how to be godly and victorious. She often shares her testimony on how God delivered her from a poor self image, a low self esteem, and gave her a reason for living by showing her from the Word of God who she is in Christ Jesus. Many lives have been changed and many marriages have been saved because of her work. Countless women have learned their proper and unique places in the body of Christ, in their homes, and in their churches.

Sister Corbett preaches and teaches with a unique style that is bold and challenging. Once you hear her, you will never be the same. Surely she knows who she is in Christ Jesus.

Community Christian Church was founded by Pastor James D. Corbett and Sister Delores Corbett on March 26, 1982 in Greenville, North Carolina. The Church presently is located at 1104 North Memorial Drive where her husband, James D. Corbett, is the Pastor.