GCCC Fellowships

Community Christian Church offers various fellowship groups. These fellowships will be a blessing to you as you grow and develop. Many of the questions and concerns you may have relative to your life and walk with God can be answered through attending these fellowships.  


Wonderful meals are served. This is a time that you will have an opportunity to fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Achievers Fellowship - A fellowship which allows the Pastor to encourage people to reach their fullest potential.

Business Fellowship - A fellowship to develop and minister to those who are entrepreneurs. 

Men Fellowship - A fellowship dedicated to teach men how to live victoriously in every area of life as a man, husband and/or father. Men Fellowship meets each 3rd Saturday of the month at 9am in the JDC building.

Institute of Manhood - A program for young males between the ages of 12-18 years old. It's designed to train them into manhood. 

Singles Fellowship - A fellowship developed to minister to the special needs of the unmarried. 

Women Fellowship - A fellowship to teach women how to live victoriously in every area of life as a woman, wife and/or mother. Women Fellowship meets each 3rd Friday of the month at  7pm in the JDC building.

Couples Ministry - A program purposed to provide godly fellowship to couples and to teach them how to strengthen their marriages.

Men of Honor Program - A program established to develop and maintain godly character in men by teaching, training and challenging men to be all God would have them to be.

Oasis Ministry - A ministry designed to teach adults 55 years and older how to maintain a victorious Christian life. 

Fitness Ministry - A ministry designed to encourage exercise and healthy eating.